Sunday, April 25, 2010

Calgary Comic And Entertainment Expo - Day Two

A better camera and many more pictures this time. Met some friends (Hi Hugh, Hi Theo, Hi Sam, Hi Courtney) bought more stuff, got some signatures.

Here's some photo moments from the day:

This was as close as I got to Leonard Nimoy. $60 for a signature and I was a few bucks short by the time I got there.

On the other hand Aaron Douglas was $30 and I always liked Chief Tyrol. I'm a big pro-union guy so I liked his Shop Steward sequences on Battlestar Galactica.

"And that sir, is how we deal with big blue alien fuzzies in Her Majesty's Galactic Empire, by cracky!"

A fateful encounter.

She's a creature of the night.

The Star Trek mini-skirt makes a comeback in a big way. Practical, yet gratuitously sexy. I want to live in this future. Particularly if it includes cheesy carnival fun-houses too.

Red Sonja, a hot Steampunk babe and a teenage anime fan whose life is having an awesomeness peak.

Everybody get's one.

All your miniatures are belong to Cthulhu.

UPDATE: Thanks for dropping by BEAT readers, feel free to check the rest of the site out. Lots of comics and reviews, music and art.

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