Saturday, April 24, 2010

Calgary Comic And Entertainment Expo - Day One

Oh my God do my feet hurt.

End of Day One, I'm home now watching the new Doctor Who, and staring out the window in awe at the sudden onset polar snow-storm that appeared out of nowhere and is now in the process of burying Calgary under mountains of soggy wet snow.

I met Eric Powell, the creator of The Goon, George Freeman artist of my favorite patriotic hero Captain Canuck and attended a talk by Bruce Timm the creator of the Timm-verse DC animated universe that started with the great 90's animated Batman series.

He was limited about what new direct to DVD animated superhero movies he could announce yet. However in response to a question about animating some of the books from the Vertigo line of DC comics he said the ones that had the kind of public profile to make Warner's agree to take a chance on them like the Sandman series already had their rights tied up. The one possible exception was the Swamp Thing and there was a real possibility of doing something with him. He didn't say if it would lean more to the original Wein and Wrightson version or the Alan Moore reboot.

Lot of people there in a lot of very cool costumes, and like most conventions I spent most of my time in the huckster's hall. Bought lots of toys and comics and probably will again tomorrow.

But tomorrow is signature hunting day, which means many hours in lineups. Oh my feet.

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