Saturday, March 27, 2010

E-Sheep Reborn

Here's your opportunity to directly support some kick ass comics by an enormously talented artist.

Patrick Farley
was one of the early innovators of the web-comic scene, producing under the E-Sheep brand intricate fascinating, hilarious and disturbing web-comics. Some were traditional pen and ink scanned and posted, later he produced spectacularly beautiful computer illustrated chiaroscuro like branching stories that took advantage of the virtual space of the web. And then there was the retelling of the Book of Revelation of St John the Divine in the style of Pokemon.

He did it part time for awhile, made a couple abortive attempts to make it pay enough to do full time and is trying again with an innovative audience support scheme utilizing and the 'thousand true fans' business model.

Think about supporting this. If you need any convincing I recommend a nice artgasm wallow in his archives page.

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